Clerks II
Clerks II Poster
Vital statistics
Directed by Kevin Smith
Produced by Scott Mosier
Written by Kevin Smith
Starring Brian O'Halloran
Jeff Anderson
Rosario Dawson
Trevor Fehrman
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
Jason Mewes
Kevin Smith
Cinematography Dave Klein
Edited by Kevin Smith
Studio View Askew Productions
Release 2006
Preceded by Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Followed by Unknown


the film starts when dante drives to the quick stop to open it and finds that it is on fire years later randall and dante now work at moobys. elias has arguements with randall while dante has plans to move to florida with his fiancee. the boss becky hides a secret from dante that she loves him. dante tells her that he is scared about dancing at the wedding becky decides to teach him how to dance on the roof. she has jay and silent bob play abc by the jackson five. after he gets some moves down becky tells him sheis pregnant. shocked of this he tells randall becky finds out he told randall and gets angry. that night randall gets dante a go away present when gets back to the restaurant he see's smoke coming from the building. thinking it is on fire he calls the cops he goes in and see's that the smoke is from the stage inside for the go away present he reveals to dante that a woman named kinky kelly will be giving a donkey a blow job. they learn that the donkey is kinkey kelly and a man is going to be giving a blow job to the donkey. becky returns and tells dante she loves him while jay and silent bob is disgusted at elias who is jerking off. the cops arrive and arrest dante randall the blow job guy jay and silent bob dante gets in a fight with randall then they get bailed out by becky dante and randall fix up the quick stop and video store randall hires elias while jay and silent bob stand at the old wall they used to stand at. dante and randall becomes friends again and looks at the store.